How do you know how much fuel you have in your jar?

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I don't know if you've ever had such an experience: at weekends, you pack your bags and prepare for an outing, and then you want to know how much fuel you have in the tank. Shaking your jar will not give you too many hints. Here, Xiaobian needs a few tips to let you know better about how much gas you have in the gas tank.

Weighing tests

To measure exactly how much fuel is left in your jar, the simplest way is to measure the weight of a gas tank with an electronic scale. Many brands of gas tanks are marked with the net weight of the gas (without the weight of the jar) and the gross weight (with the weight of the canisters). For example, you have a 4 ounce standard gas tank, weighing 5.5 ounces, which means that your gas tank still has two ounces or about 50% gas. A 4 ounce standard gas tank you can boil 10-12 liters of water (unless the water is cold, then you can adhere to the principle of 6 liters), so this time you have enough fuel so you can boil five to six liters of water, which is generally the weekend outings planned quantity.

Floating test

If you have been living in the outskirts of electronic scales or not you are in this outing, but when you want to know about you left how much fuel, what? It's very simple. You just need some water and simple physics knowledge. (don't worry, it doesn't need to use calculus.)

Put your jar in a container filled with water. Remember to tilt the tank slightly and not make the bottom of the tank empty. Because full jar than the empty jar slightly heavier, so it will float on the water surface, about a finger position is the jar level, so this time, you can know that you probably have much fuel.

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