How to choose a portable stove

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If you eat a high-energy biscuits and peanut went a day, now you finally decided to unload your backpack to rest, enjoy a delicious dinner. Then, reeky, whether you want to three course meal or just need some hot water to cook frozen vegetables, you will need a portable stove. The. Knowing a little about the shape, performance, and the fuel used will help you choose the best furnaces you need.

First decide what kind of travel you want to do, where you often go
Then choose the lightest, most compact stove that meets your needs
Determine the fuel you need to travel, considering the price, the time of the burning, and the easy purchase of the hand.
Consider whether the furnace is easy to hold and use

What kind of travel are you planning for?

To find the most suitable portable stove, you only have to recognize two things - what kind of travel you want to do and what kind of travel food you want to eat

Try to determine how many people you want to cook, which will affect the size of your oven, what kind of furnace temperature it will be related to, and the complexity of the dishes you make, which depends on the adjustability of your stove.

Choose the appropriate shape

The portable furnace has a variety of shapes - small to light microwave ovens that can be loaded into your pocket, so large that only a double stove can be installed only in a suitcase. Generally speaking, it's good to choose the lightest, most compact type, unless you plan a short journey but a big meal and a lot of traveler.

In order to save the space of the backpack and reduce the weight, select the following features of the stove:

It can be separated from the fuel - many furnace can be separated from the external fuel bottle, so that it is easy to carry and not be damaged.
Folding or open - lots of the tripod, the base and the frame can be folded or removed, so it is easy to carry.
It can be put into tableware -- some of the furnaces are designed to be put into tableware, which saves a lot of space. (don't forget to bring a plastic bag and put the stove in the bag, so there won't be any fuel splashing or flowing into your tableware).

Before you choose a certain stove, it will take a few minutes to decide what kind of fuel is best for you, which will reduce your consideration.

Propane, butane or isobutane mixed combustion tank


Clean, convenient and easy to ignite. It burns quickly and does not need to be ignited. It is convenient to adjust the temperature. No splash.


It's more expensive than other types of fuel. You need to carry and handle fuel tanks, and most of them are not recyclable. Below zero the combustion effect is not very good, on the contrary, butane, propane and isobutane mixture combustion effect is better in cold weather. The effect of pure propane above zero degrees Fahrenheit is good. Butane is not flammable at less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit.


The heating effect is good -- campers for moderate weather conditions that are easy to adapt, unwilling to choose carefully, and do not mind adding more weight to the luggage.



It is cheap, easy to find (sold everywhere), high heat, splash of oil droplets are not easy to ignite.


It is not very clean (with smoke and smell). It needs to be ignited (if it is more convenient to use other fuels), and it will damage the stove. The droplets of the splashed oil vaporized very slowly.


A cheap and universal fuel, unless it is a traveller who intends to go to other places outside the United States. (elsewhere, there may be no place to buy gas and butane mixture). It is not as clean and easy to use as gas or butane.

White gasoline


It's cheap and easy to find (it's sold anywhere in the United States). It is clean and flammable, and the splashed oil is easy to volatilize.


Volatile (spattering oil droplets are easily ignited) and need to be ignited (using fuel in a stove). It is difficult to find out outside the United States


Comprehensive performance, especially in North America, under any weather conditions, safe, cheap and efficient

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