The establishment of the three pack thinking let you back a little lighter outdoors!

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Often when you go hiking outside, how do you feel like you can't keep up with your teammates?

Of course, physical exercise is a fundamental solution to the problem, but reducing the back knapsack is another immediate effect, and there is no side effect. The reason is very simple, like to go to the gym to do weight training, you can do five 20kg weight, the weight of 10kg can do eight, the weight of the 5kg can do 15, as is the same as in outdoor hiking, if you can maintain a back 10kg speed, 5kg certainly can go back faster.

Now, how can we carry out so many outdoor equipment? How can we carry it back lighter? We can start without upgrading the lightweight equipment. First we need to build the following three kinds of packaging thinking.

1.An object that avoids the use of duplication

People's physical strength is very limited, especially in the heavily oxygen consuming mountaineering environment. Inexperienced Backpackers often have many duplicated functions (or quite similar functions). Such packing thinking will directly increase the weight of backpacks.

For example: with the headlights with a flashlight, warm clothes and with many sets, because I think it will be cold, warm down jacket coat altogether to my backpack, but forget this kind of clothing basically us will only wear a; or food, want to say Chinese food can eat bread, eat jerky, can also eat instant noodles, each food is put into the backpack, but we have but one stomach, multi band can't eat.

2.Don't take anything you can't use

This one looks like a useless but goes before starting to seriously look at the pack your things, usually do not have a grasp.
Aside from must think over your whether things are necessary to carry out, should pay special attention to the home key, change, this kind of bag is easy to put the backpack thinly snoring, but in fact in the mountains is a useless thing.

3.Choose the same but lighter one

If you don't have repetitive items and things you cannot use, you must have a lot of backpacks. Next, we should reduce some outdoor equipment that has the same function but heavy burden. Generally, the articles in urban design are not weighted because of the fact that they are not carried by human beings, but on the contrary, we should be careful about every gram weight.

For example: the big pot thermos bottle into the pot, large capacity mobile power to charge several full can use the small volume easy to carry, if want to choose with a flat without the burden of iPad Air.

The three principle, repeat function without, not with, choose that a relatively light, look directly to a bit like crap, but when packaged by the three principles to consider packaging, novice can effectively avoid many absolute burden and weight, the principle is often very simple, just forget. To perform, to share with you are feeling the pain of friends heavy backpack!

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