What will the outdoor pan have Alzheimer's disease?

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The first answer, outdoor use aluminum pot will not lead to Alzheimer's disease. Whether the domestic aluminum pot lead to Alzheimer's disease has not been determined.

1.Where does aluminum cause Alzheimer's?

The leading cause of dementia that come from? It was caused by a misreport of a group of Canadian doctors in the early 80s of the last century. In this research paper, they say they have detected several brains of Alzheimer's disease (Alzheimer's Disease, simplified as AD, now collectively referred to as Alzheimer's disease), and found that the content of aluminum ion is significantly higher than that of normal persons. Therefore, they deduce that aluminum is a "harmful element" related to AD.

One of the most important criteria in scientific research is the repeatability of the experiment. Can a few Canadian doctors be able to convince other scientists? Medical professionals have carried out repeated experiments reported by Canadian doctors. It was found that the determination of the content of aluminum in the brain of the AD deceased in Canada was not able to repeat the results of the previous reports. That is, they did not find any significant increase in the content of aluminum in the brain tissue of the deceased.

Canadian doctors later admitted that they were sampled in the pathological anatomy of the brain of the dead and were stored in an aluminum box and stored in the refrigerator for testing. The truth is finally white - the brain samples of the AD deceased from the Canadian medical team have been contaminated with aluminum boxes. In this way, it is clear that there is no evidence that there is a direct link between aluminum and AD. But this group of erroneous reports had a long impact, and today there is a belief that aluminum can cause Alzheimer's disease.

2.In recent years, a statistical study of aluminum and Alzheimer's disease has found no generation of people with Alzheimer's generation because of aluminum.

Since this statement, it is impossible for Chinese medical workers to study it. By continuous injection of aluminide to small mammals such as mice, it was found that the amount of aluminum ion deposited in the brain was greater than that of other organs.

Because people can't do living experiments (in violation of moral ethics), scientists can only use circuitous methods. For example, 20 years after a survey of retired workers in a largest aluminum factory in Shanghai, the number of samples was 385, and none had Alzheimer's.

The time of the aluminum products was popular in the 70s ~90 years, and in 2000, the stainless steel tableware had basically replaced the aluminum tableware. And when people in the 70~90 age were old, the total number of Alzheimer's records in the society was counted every year, and it was found that it was increasing year by year. But ghosts know that the aging of society is also increasing year by year. The number of elderly people is much higher. The incidence of Alzheimer's disease is more than that of the population. The incidence of Alzheimer's disease has been flat. So there is no generation, because aluminum products have led to a peak in the statistics of some years of Alzheimer's disease.

You can also find out how many people of your grandparents and older generations of aluminum products have become senile dementia. This is also consistent with the statistics.

3.Pathologically, there is a positive correlation between aluminum and Alzheimer's, but there is no causal relationship.

What is the positive correlation: for example, statistics show that the increase in sales volume and popsicles swimming drowning deaths increased positive correlation. That is to say, popsicles sell more, more people swim drowned. But there is no causal relationship between popsicles and drowning, everybody knew that because of the hot summer days, the sales increase is because of popsicles, hot days, the number of people swimming also increased, but can not say that is because eating popsicles that swim drowned.

Similarly, the current research results are also positive correlation between aluminum and Alzheimer's disease, but aluminum is one of the causes of Alzheimer's disease. The etiology of Alzheimer's disease is very complex. So far, it is not only one of the reasons why aluminum is causing, but it is not clear. Even the underlying reason has not been identified. Some of them are related to genes, and others are related to environment.

4.Chinese people advocate mysticism. The Chinese believe that "it is better to believe in it than to believe it."

For all the mysteries uncovered by modern science and medicine, the Chinese believe that mysterious forces are leading, plus the logic of "believing that they are". Aluminum leads to Alzheimer's, an internationally unsettled statement, which is far more widely spread in China than in other countries.

5.Outdoor use aluminum body caused by absorption of aluminum is not harmful to human.

Aluminum is the top 10 of the earth's reserves, accounting for 7.38% of all metals. The water we drink, the food we eat, all contain aluminum compounds. Aluminum is also contained in many drugs, and alum used in fried dough sticks also contains aluminum. Outdoor use the aluminium after hard anodized aluminum ion release, very little amount. In Deep-Fried Dough Sticks in average 5 kilograms on the surface to add 16 grams of alum, eat a week Deep-Fried Dough Sticks breakfast intake of aluminum, may be far greater than the number of travel with aluminum intake of aluminum. A high frequency traveling during the 3~5 tour pal, will greatly reduce the frequency of travel because married, even to outdoor. So there's no need to worry about increasing the amount of aluminum intake outdoors.

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