A comprehensive understanding of the pot

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At present, most of the outdoors are made of aluminum, alumina and titanium, and the majority of them are alumina. It is also said that aluminum tableware is not toxic, this statement is not accurate, whether it is the conclusion of the expert after research, or some brick home research. But one thing is for sure, the relationship between aluminum and diet in our life very closely, rice cooker is the basic household electric cooker, grill aluminum is made of aluminum, Longti grilled pizza dish is made of aluminium foil, we also want to eat a considerable part of the foil wrapped roast, Western-style food cooking is also commonly used to foil wrapped boxes, win home delivery, I get is an aluminum foil canteen is aluminum veterans send, at least we eat every day at home with the aluminum rice cooker steamed out Steamed Rice did not see who is poisoning.

Aluminum pan

Now the pot of pure aluminum is not much, aluminum pot light, relative alumina is cheaper, more cheaper than titanium. The disadvantage is the hardness of aluminum is still relatively low, even without a sharp object, with a spoon, a fork scraping is also very easy to scratch a pot of pure aluminum, I have not used, I do not know what effect.

Aluminum oxide

It is equivalent to the weight of aluminum, but it is harder than pure aluminum, and the price is moderate, which is used by most people. Now, the inner liner of some electric cookers seems to be made of alumina.

Titanium pot

Titanium has a density equivalent to aluminum, slightly heavier than aluminum, but its strength is similar to that of steel, which is twice as strong as that of aluminum. Therefore, the same diameter and height of the pot used titanium as raw material is thinner than aluminum, so the final production of the same size pot is lighter than aluminum. Titanium super high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant, and is harmless to human body can be implanted into the human body, the tableware should be healthy, lightweight option with the titanium, but the price is too high, a 15 cm diameter titanium pot is the cheapest to sell nearly 300 yuan, only with good and expensive to shape let the.

Cup type pot

It is the pot, as it is a medium sized glasses, absolute lightweight compact, across the alpine type of masochistic cook food demand is not high pursuit of lightweight donkey is an excellent choice, but it is too little, too small in general will not choose the donkey that is smaller than a diameter of instant noodles. In general, a donkey carries a pot with about 15 centimeters in diameter to meet the demand for cooking.

A combined type pot pot

A 18 cm diameter of the pot, a small pot, and several plastic bowl for about 2 people use this kind of pot is I see ass using a common, if a person with the team out with only one pot enough.

The frying pan is a combination of the lid

The cover design combines the lid and the frying pan (or when the bowl with a can) function, the use of a pot rate higher, medium diameter (slightly larger than the diameter of the instant noodles) such a pot is suitable for outdoor use of a person.

A pot with a concentric ring

The pot with the concentric ring can save gas to some extent, and boil the same volume of water for a shorter time. But the increase of the concentric ring will undoubtedly increase the volume and weight of the pot, so it needs to weigh the two aspects of the weight volume and the gas saving tank.

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