Cleaning and use of outdoor stove

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Furnace maintenance

"Your special type of camp stove may be very sophisticated or durable, but all the furnaces will benefit from careful maintenance in the field. In order to avoid the parts being bent or the fuel pipe broken, be careful to pack, but not as old as stuffed clothes into the backpack.

Attention should be paid to maintenance and timely replacement of rubber washers, especially fuel bottles, fuel tanks and sealing ports of fuel pipelines. These areas may cause fires if they are damaged. The pump cup, which is made of leather or plastic, is sliding up and down in the pressurized sealing tank of the fuel. It needs cleaning from time to time and oil, silicone or - when the right material is lacking, lipstick lubrication keeps flexible. Maintain the maintenance of all parts of the furnace. Most manufacturers provide a standard set of tools to ensure the maintenance of the most common problems. Clean the fuel nozzle on a regular basis. A special cleaner suitable for most of the furnaces is available. It is made of hard wire. If not, the bristles on the toothbrush can also be replaced.

Cautions for furnace

A new stove is bought and tested at home before it is expected to travel. Problems that appear at home are easy to solve; problems in the field may mean a disaster.

The stove and fuel carefully on the side of the bag, backpack cushion sleeve or a special oven box, away from food and clothes.

The nozzle cleaning needle with suitable for your stove or fuel bottle, spare parts in the gas bag with important. The maintenance of the furnace is generally simple: learn to recognize the existence of the problem and repair it before it becomes necessary.

Check the water and sediment in the fuel before loading the gas (gas) or kerosene into the furnace. During storage, fuel sometimes condenses, especially in half full containers. A filter funnel is used to filter, so as to avoid the blockage of fuel pipes by sediment.

Use a furnace base when cooking on the bottom of a tent on a snowy, uneven ground, or in an emergency special case.

If the furnace working efficiency is not too high, the furnace can be cleaned, because excessive carbon combustion can only deteriorate the situation.

In order to improve efficiency, use a tight lid to cover the pot and use windproof. A stove without any protection will take two times to boil a pot of water in the middle wind, and a completely windproof panel is the most effective, but make sure that it does not lead too much heat to the direction of the gas tank.

But with cooking, because it absorbs heat faster than a reflective silver pot. The smoke from the chimney can blacken the bottom of the pot. A heat exchanger can further reduce boiling water time and fuel consumption rate, which is very important during long travel.

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